Just My Luck

  • Category: Comedy
  • Published: 15th May 2018
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  • Pages: 136
Just My Luck

Ever had a bad day? Ever had a feeling that things were just snowballing and one disastrous situation followed another? Ever made things worse while trying to make them better?

Gabriel’s weekend started on a great note. Then one small stupid thing set off an avalanche of disasters. A mysterious vase, a broken car, running from wild animals, a stranger knocking on the window, fallen trees, ghosts in a tunnel, an emergency brake—all of this within twenty-four hours. Yet, the only goal he had in mind was to get home safe and sane. Can’t be that difficult, can it?



"An entertaining tale with affable characters entwined in a string of Murphy's Law incidents, Just My Luck draws laughter and empathy from relatable foibles, but also finds counterbalance with lessons of learning to go with the flow."
BlueInk Review

"A witty, enjoyable story with a supporting character who steals the show."
Kirkus Reviews