Are You A Werewolf? Signs That You Are

In The Books of Norene trilogy, werewolves are part of the world of Lanland. In the first part Wolves and Werewolves, the question of how to distinguish a werewolf from a wolf is mentioned. Distinguishing a werewolf from a human is trickier though. Now, what if you are a werewolf yourself and don’t know it? Here are the symptoms you need to look for:

1. It all started with a wolf attack … or something that looked a lot like a wolf.

If you were attacked and bitten by a wolf or another wolf-like animal, it could mean that you were just attacked and bitten by a wolf or another wolf-like animal. However, the rest of the symptoms in combination with this one would most likely point to you being a werewolf. So if you remember an attack like this, definitely check the rest of the symptoms. If you don’t … well … still check the rest of the symptoms. There is a possibility that you have suppressed the memory of the attack.

2. There is a lot of animal hair in your flat but no pets

If you don't own a dog or a cat, yet there are still dust bunnies of animal hair in the corners that appear no matter how often you vacuum, then there is definitely an animal in the room. So if your friends are not making fun of you and regularly bringing a dog to your flat or house while you are away, it could mean that the animal shedding hair is you. Not only dogs moult, you know. And you don’t remember being in wolf form? Maybe it’s just another suppressed memory …

3. You have a tendency to howl at the moon

If you have an incredible urge to howl when there is a full moon in the sky or when other dogs and wolves howl, then you are definitely sharing with them more than you think. Need I say more?

4. You are allergic to silver

First things first: there is a non-werewolf type of silver allergy, which usually takes years to develop and is in reality an allergy to nickel, and then there is a more aggressive werewolf type of silver allergy, which develops in a matter of minutes. So what is the difference between the non-werewolf and the werewolf type of allergy? The latter is usually much faster and very painful. If a werewolf touches anything made of silver, the skin would not only develop blisters, it would get burnt immediately. So if silver feels like a red-hot pan to you, you are probably a werewolf.

5. Your wounds are healing rapidly

You cut yourself yesterday evening when preparing your dinner and there is no cut today? If you didn’t forget which finger was injured, then there is a high possibility that you are a werewolf … or Wolverine. The second one is easy to spot: are there any metal claws coming out of your knuckles that can cut anything? No? Sorry, than you are a werewolf. Wounds caused by silver and fire are permanent, so if you burnt yourself and are still having blisters, don’t be so thrilled. A werewolf cannot heal these wounds.

6. You survived your own death

You not only healed a drastic wound in a few days, but you survived getting shot in the chest? There are only a few ways how to kill a werewolf, so if you survived this, you are most likely one. But be aware! It’s actually easy to kill a werewolf. Your enemies just need to know, how to do this.

7. Your senses have changed. A lot!

Can you smell the smallest things which are far away? Can you smell people behind you before you see them? Can you hear a pin hitting the floor? Do you have better night vision? Truth be told, this is one of those really cool things that come with being a werewolf.

8. You are much stronger without the necessary muscles

Your strength rapidly improved within two days? If you can lift a 440 pound (200 kg) man with one hand and still have a feeling you only lifted a feather, you are either Dwayne Johnson or a werewolf. A good hint is: if you could hardly lift 60 pound (over 25 kg) the day before, you are a werewolf.

9. You are changing shape

It’s like with pregnancy symptoms. If a baby is born, there is no reason to look for other symptoms. So if you can change into a wolf, you are a werewolf … full stop.

Published on Patreon on 14th December 2018.